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EpiSport® Tennis Elbow Brace

Epi-Sport Epicondylitis Clasp

Worn during activity or sports play to hold the forearm tendons in a more parallel position to minimize stretching and tearing. Helps relieve pain and discomfort associated with the movement of the forearm. Lining absorbs shock and helps keep moisture away from skin. Ideal for wear during tennis, golf, weight lifting, and work activities. Fits right or left arm. Color: Black.

GelBand elbow Guide
GelBand Arm Band and Epi-Sport are packaged with an informative Elbow Guide that explains the common conditions affecting the elbow, their causes and symptoms, and suggested treatments.
extensor and flexor muscles before Before
Extensor and flexor muscles are stretched and bowed causing stress and slight tearing of tendons.
extensor and flexor muscles after After application of Epi-Sport
After application of Epi-Sport the long tendons are compressed more parallel to reduce stress, pain and inflammation to allow healing to begin.
Measure 2" below the elbow.
Epi-Sport Sizing (measure around forearm, 2" below the elbow)
Item# Size Fits
FL19600-1SBLK X-Small 8 - 9"
FL19600-SMBLK Small 9 - 10"
FL19600-MDBLK Medium 10 - 11"
FL19600-LGBLK Large 11-12"
FL19600-1LBLK X-Large 12 - 13

Price $21.25 Color: Black.

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