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Kids' Wrist Support

Kids' Wrist Support The 3013 Kids' Wrist Support is designed especially for children, ages 2-12 years old.  Its anatomical design and small sizes enable a precise fit for children's small hands.  it's made of a soft, colorful and breathable material.  Color-coded hook and loop closure on the dorsal side allows easy application.  The thumb grip is adjustable for individual comfort and support.  The splint on the volar side is made of aluminum for easy correction.

Indications:   Instabilities and positioning of the wrist, post fracture treatment.

Washing Instructions:   Close hook and loop before washing.  Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent.  Let air dry.

Kids' wrist support   Palmer View
Wrist Support Sizing - measurement taken around the wrist.
Size Measurement Left Item # Right Item #
X-Small 4 - 4" OB-3013-XS-Left OB-3013-XS-Right
Small 4 - 5" OB-3013-S-Left OB-3013-S-Right
Medium 5 - 5" OB-3013-M-Left OB-3013-M-Right
Large 5 - 6" OB-3013-L-Left OB-3013-L-Right
X-Large 6 - 6" OB-3013-XL-Left OB-3013-XL-Right

Price $24.95

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